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Effective - October 1, 2014
As determined by The BOCC by Resolution, an Interim Fire Service Assessment Fee will be calculated, and paid for, PRIOR to the issuance of  the Certificate of Occupancy (CO) for new single family residences, new mobile homes and new non-residential buildings. The CO will NOT be issued if the Interim Fire Assessment Fee AND the Interim Solid Waste Assessment Fee is not paid.

Questions?   Land Section: (352)527-5458

This fee calculator was designed to calculate Building Division fees for new construction of complete buildings only. However, it should be considered only an estimate, subject to change, based upon actual review of the submitted plans. Precise fee calculations cannot be determined without a complete plan review.

  • Be sure to select the proper
  • Construction cost per square foot taken from International Code Council (ICC) as published every winter.
  • Square footage entered should be the gross footprint area of roofed floor space, including attached garage, covered porches, etc.

Select your Occupancy Class, Construction Type, and enter the structure square footage, then click the Calculate button to get the calculated value of your costs.


PLUS: STATE BCIS SURCHARGE (1.0% of Permit Fees / $2.00 Minimum) REQUIRED
  STATE BCAI SURCHARGE (1.5% of Permit Fees / $2.00 Minimum) REQUIRED

This calculator includes the building, plumbing, mechanical (heat / air), electrical, interior gas piping and Plans Review fees. Certain other Building Division fees are not included, but, may apply to your project, such as:

  • Flood Review (if located in flood plain)
  • Attached Flat Patio Slab - See Fee Schedule
  • Commercial Permit Research Fee - $25.00
    Open Records Research Fee - $50.00

Note: Fees for other types of permits, etc. are all specified elsewhere in the fee schedule.